Pharmaceutical Excipients


The pharmaceutical excipients working group aims to address safety issues and problems associated with the excipients likely to be used in paediatric formulations.  The group is intended to drive forward the development of the methodological approaches for conducting a high-level scientific literature review to retrieve and evaluate the safety and toxicity information of excipients for children. 

6th EuPFI Conference Athens

Chair’s message

Dear colleagues,

In September 2014, the European Paediatric Formulation initiative (EuPFI) will convene its 6th annual conference Formulating Better medicines for Children in Athens, September 17th -18th 2014 in partnership with APV (International Association of Pharmaceutical Technology).

Over the past few years the responsibility of the scientific community to develop and exploit existing,

STEP Database

Need of STEP database

Nearly all medicines are formulated with excipients that have been used for many years and are generally regarded as safe (GRAS). They are defined in monographs in the various pharmacopoeias and released on certificates of analysis against monograph specifications, using monograph test methods. However, these monographs are usually intended to cover use in adults and some excipients are less well tolerated in children,