4th EuPFI Conference Prague

About the conference

The two-day conference was entirely dedicated to bringing together the latest advances, challenges and opportunities for developing medicinal products and medicinal devices for paediatric use from EU and US perspective. Specifically aimed at providing exposure to emerging practical applications and illustrate specific remedies utilized by paediatric drug development teams to overcome hurdles faced in developing medicines for 0-17 years old.

An exciting programme was organised to focus on three themes:

ð  state of the art plenary presentations [such as update on EMA guidelines on Pharmaceutical Development of Medicines for Paediatric Use, achievements of the WHO ‘Make Medicines Child Size’ programme, PK & bridging studies in paediatric drug development, AAPS white paper and FDA views]

ð  thematic sessions covering the five work streams of EuPFI including the launch of STEP database!

ð  and case studies, emerging technologies & research through soap box sessions and posters.

Selected Poster were presentations on the conference topics (instructions on EuPFI website).

This conference offered an excellent and time-effective way of gaining updates on key themes, as well as interacting with colleagues from across  industrial, regulatory, academic and clinical professions.


We invite you to note the dates of 5th EuPFI conference in your diary and begin planning your participation, as well as your abstract submissions.


Conference Proceedings

Plenary Presentations           

Focus Session Presentations           

Soap Box Presentations           



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