• WS1: Pharmaceutical Excipients

    The main task of this work group is to develop STEP (Safety and Toxicity of Excipients for Paediatrics) database.  The aim is to create an evidence-based database of pharmaceutical excipients, addressing safety issues and toxicity aspects in medicines for children. This database should act as a single repository and provide easy access to important information from key resources. The database will be available online and so will lead to a global approach to paediatric formulation development, and ultimately highlight gaps in excipient knowledge.

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    WS2: Taste Masking and Taste Assessment Methods

    The purpose of this workstream is to understand the current state of the art of taste masking technologies and platforms and focus on the limitations and technology gaps (in formulation platforms suitable for different age ranges) and identify opportunities more effective age-appropriate taste masking technologies.

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    WS3: Modification of Dosage Forms Required for Children (MDFRC)

    The purpose of this workstream is to provide guidance to industry and regulators on the use of Extemporaneous Preparations (EPs) and Industry Verified Preparations (IVPs) in the Clinic.

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    WS4: Administration Devices

    This group is considering the challenges in availability of and development of delivery devices for consistent administration of paediatric formulations.

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    WS5: Age Appropriateness of Formulations

    This is a newly formed group that will consider age appropriate formulations.

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