Typically an institution would initially be allocated as ‘associates’ but then after a year may be invited to join ‘CORE’ group if they have made significant contributions.

Only occasionally an institution may be invited to become core members immediately based on the experience, expertise and contribution they are able to make. Continuing memberships will be reviewed every three years from joining to confirm the appropriate level of memberships.

  • Organisations/ Institutions must apply for membership or sponsorship by filling the membership application form available on our website. (Note: Organisations/individuals can be contacted directly by the EuPFI representative or authorised delegate).

  • The Application will be discussed by all core members and a vote recorded in EuPFI meetings. A vote greater than 51% will result in membership approval.

  • All Applicants will be notified of the outcome by the EuPFI representative or authorised delegate.

  • The applications will be reviewed by membership reviewing committee to propose immediate core membership or associate membership. This would then be voted by all the core members.

Membership information pack

For membership information pack or more information please contact :

EuPFI Membership
University College London School of Pharmacy
29-39, Brunswick Square
London , WC1N 1AX
Phone: 0044 20 7753 5846
Fax: 0044 20 7753 5942
E-Mail: admin@eupfi.org

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