Paediatric Devices survey. Share your experiences to help improve devices to take medicines!

The EuPFI devices workstream have designed a short questionnaire to understand what devices you or your child use and how easy they are to handle, to help to find ways of making the devices more user friendly. As part of our mission to improve the preparation of better and safer medicines for children, we are interested in is the “gadgets” or devices (e.g. measuring spoons, dosing cups, inhalers) that are used to help patients take their medicines. It is important that these devices are used properly to make sure the correct dose of medicine is taken.

Thanks to EPTRI (European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure) for supporting us with the mainland Europe dissemination and review of survey questions by the young members of Albanian, Italian and Spanish YPAGs (Young Persons Advisory Groups), respectively KIDS Albania, KIDS Bari and KIDS Barcelona, to guarantee that the language is comprehensible and children-friendly.

The survey comprises of two part; 1) parents and 2) children over 10yrs. We need to hear from children so woudl appreciate if you could please hand over the survey to children once you have completed the consent forms and your section of survey. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to be completed. The survey is currently available in the following languages:

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